Sheri Ellen Haley

On Monday, March 20, 2017 at about 5:00 PM, my buddy, my back-up, lifemate, lover, ol' lady and wife Sheri, passed into The Light.

We would have celebrated our 31st anniversary as husband and wife on April 10th, and our 41st anniversary living together on August 1st.

On Saturday we went to visit mom where she is in hospice care in Glendale. When we got back home she started feeling faint, weak and light headed so she laid down for a nap. Later she ate some soup and shared some cookies and milk with me and we went to bed early. Sunday morning she felt a bit better, but later in the day she again felt weak and light headed. Her tummy was kind of hard and a bit bloated but otherwise she said she felt OK (that lady could lose a lung and not complain). Monday morning she was worse, so I took her blood pressure. It was 63/43 with a pulse of 127! I called 911 and the guys from our Canyon Fire Station #74 was here in minutes, checked her out, called for med-evac and had her at Holy Cross ER within minutes. By the time I got the car parked and checked in they already had her hooked up to all kinds of medical stuff and no less then 5 doctors and techs were working on her.

She passed away at about 5:00 PM. Something in her tummy area had ruptured and she bled to death internally. I held her hand and watched her die. I've lost the light of my life, and I am lost. She was 65, and I am 70 years old.

Over the last few years she and I talked in length about what we would want if one of us died and left the other to carry on. We agreed to try to have the best life possible, maybe even find love again, but to light a candle every August 1st and remember with joy our lives together. I loved her, and I will miss her, and one day I will again be with her.

Written by Trash