Marc Edward Howe

Marc Edward Howe, son of Wesley J. Howe and Suzanne Rodrock Howe, widower of Tsugiko “Terry” Howe, found his eternal peace on the breezy evening of October 2nd, 2018.. He is survived by his daughters Julia Hiroko Howe and Andrea Maki Howe, his granddaughter Evalina Contreras, his siblings Richard Howe and Susan Howe, his mother Suzanne, and his beloved cat Fiona. Marc attended college at University of Wisconsin, Madison. During this period he married the love of his life, Terry Howe and his first daughter, Julia, was born. Marc continued his education with graduate studies at Harvard. An avid wargamer, Marc found work in Washington D.C. in the field of space-based weaponry systems with project High Frontier. In the mid-1980s he took a management position with Becton Dickinson, of which his father was CEO. This allowed his family to move to his wife’s hometown of Tokyo, Japan. Known as a practical joker, Marc was admired by his coworkers, many of whom would continue to be life-long friends despite living oceans apart. Returning to the United States, Marc founded Cyberwarrior Inc, a video game developer and internet service provider based in New Jersey. Marc is widely regarded as a formative figure in the online video gaming industry, having designed Rubies of Eventide, one of the first MMO games and coining the term “massively multiplayer”. The game’s innovative character system and rich story world contributed to the evolution of the medium. His love for story and adventure were constants throughout his life and only surpassed by his adoration for his wife and daughters. Many summers found Marc sailing his ship, the Julan, down the Atlantic Coast from New England to Florida with his family. In 2013, Terry Howe lost a prolonged battle with cancer, and Marc lost half of his heart. Emotionally devastated from the passing of his best friend, he would never fully recover. Marc would go on to relocate to Los Angeles, California to be closer to his daughters while he managed his grief. In recent years he undertook what would become his final adventure as he devoted himself to the practice of energy healing. Although not whole himself, he found joy in helping others.Through his work he touched the lives of many in the spiritual community. One week before what would have been his wife’s birthday he laid down to rest, passing peacefully in his sleep. He leaves behind a legacy of good humor, boundless love, innovation, and faith in the enduring nature of the human spirit. He will always be loved and remembered.